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Thread: How do I peel back the interior carpet on a 95 corolla?

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    Default How do I peel back the interior carpet on a 95 corolla?

    Greetings, i have haynes manual 92036. this morning on my way to class my check engine light came on for about a minute, then turned off. i had no problems with the car the rest of the day. when i came home i used my highly advanced diagnostic tool (a paper clip) and jumped terminals TE1 and E1 as per stated in your manual. it spit out code 27- post converter oxygen sensor, (it flashed twice, then paused and flashed 7 times). i changed the front upstream one 4 years ago, but the rear one calls that u remove the rear seat and unplug the connector from under the carpet floor plan. u do not give any instructions or pictures on how to remove carpeting inside the car, do i need a trim removal tool? how do i peel back the carpeting to access the sensor wire connector? any special clips i'm not seeing, and where are they if they exist? your response would be quite helpful

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    Hello Grendal,

    Actually, for your model year, the front passenger seat needs to be removed and there's no carpet concerns. Review Section 4 in Chapter 6.

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