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Thread: Knock sensor on 05 PT Cruiser Turbo

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    Default Knock sensor on 05 PT Cruiser Turbo

    I purchased the haynes manual for pt cruisers from 01-09 today along with a knock sensor as it needed replacing. After following the steps and getting to the point where i needed to remove the wiring connected to the old knock sensor, i realized that the manual still had the older style sensor in it with no instructions for the new style of knock sensor Chrysler had started installing into the PT cruisers after 2003. After looking around the same general area where the old sensor would have been, i did not see it. Where are they putting them now and how do i get to them?

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    Hello gcluney99,

    Based on our resources, look below the lower intake manifold on the engine block not far from the line of the oil dipstick. If you need a diagram,
    email one of our tech service reps at research@haynes.com, or call them at 1-800-442-9637. Give them the number/letter combination on the title page of the manual, just to the right of the Haynes logo; it looks something like this: (4JR - 36055). They'll do what they can to help.

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