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Thread: Air Conditioner Compressor Gets No Signal

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    Question Air Conditioner Compressor Gets No Signal

    My 1992 Nissan Maxima Air Conditioner went out. When I press the button, with the fan on, the a/c indicator light comes on, but when I looked under the hood, the compressor is not "engaged". I believe the problem is electrical in nature. Although Chpt 3 Section 13 check 3 on page 132 of manual 72020 says that they don't go into detail, you do. Chpt 3 Sec 13 Step 3, The compressor clutch wiring harness, is dead. Cpt 3 sec. 16, Illus. 16.5b, dual pressure switch, I shoot coolant out the low side, so I assume pressure. Chpt 12 sec 3 Illus 3.1a, fuse is good, but I should check for signal! Chpt 12 sect 6 illus 6.2c, swapped out the air cond relay, no result. Chpt 12 sec6.2d, I'd only have a problem if A/C on with fan all the way up, I assume? A/C Hi relay.
    On other cars, I have blown what was known as the Hi amp thermal fuze (Astro Van) Does my Nissan have one, or a critical circuit device like it not mentioned (i missed)??? i'm ALMOST ready to go for service only to "dump" the R-12 for the new R-132a, which I could top off myself. Please advise, thank you!

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    Hello Warfrog,

    All components should be listed in the wiring diagram so nothing should be missed. Although there is pressure in the system, you do not know how much. Generally, A/C systems have a pressure switch that will cut off the compressor when the system pressure is too high or too low. We advise that after the basic checks are made, to seek professional service for advanced diagnostics.

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