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Thread: 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, Automatic Transmission cooling lines

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    Default 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, Automatic Transmission cooling lines

    I bought this manual http://www.haynes.com/products/productID/225 and it doesn't say jack about "automatic transmission cooling lines" other than you have to remove them to remove the radiator, well that sucks because that's why I bought the manual for to begin with.. I bought the Cherokee last year and just got a sticker and insurance on it, just to find out the guy who previously owned it didn't have the lines ran to the radiator, instead he had them looped back to the tranny, so in other words, no cooling for the tranny, luckily we found out about it before it was too late, so we bought these 624-300 & 624-301 only to find out they wouldn't connect to the radiator, so we went ahead and bought another radiator since we thought the reason the guy may have rigged it was that there was a problem with it.. Problem is my dad says one line is too short and seems the lines are backwards I need some kind of diagram or something as to how it goes on because its not, am I supposed to have another maybe 624-334 that attaches or what?

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    Hello mcasdorph,

    Our manuals generally don't cover removal and replacement of the transmission cooler lines because they are not a wear item and usually do not require any maintenance. Please contact the Haynes Technical Research department by phone (800) 442-9637. We may be able to find the information that you're looking for.

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