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Thread: my 1986 toyota celica GT wont start

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    Default my 1986 toyota celica GT wont start

    my car wont start when i turn it off after running it a while but of i let it sit for a hour and a half it will start i've tried everything in the repair manual and nothing works it has a brand new starter, battery and alternator but i just cant figure out what is wrong with it can u help

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    Hello lowkey101,

    You have an interesting problem that appears to be electrical in nature. Since you have replaced many parts and the condition still exists, you may want to seek professional assistance for advanced diagnostics. You may also want to review the wiring diagrams at the end of Chapter 12 regarding the starting system to see what components are involved. Also, when the condition occurs, check for fuel pressure (See Chapter 4). Good luck with your project.

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