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Thread: 2002 Nissan FrontierTiming Problem

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    Question 2002 Nissan FrontierTiming Problem

    I have the Haynes manual for my trunk which covers a range of year & models, My problem is I need to check the timing. the manual says before timing can be checked and adjusted the PCM control of the timing must be disabled by placing the PCM in diagnostics mode. After refering to the appropriate chapter and section its says my year and model can not be put in diagnostics mode. It reads diagnostics mode is to retrieve trouble codes without a scanner, but 2002 and later doesn't have this feature and a scanner must be used to obtain codes. If I can't put the PCM in diagnostics mode to disable the controlof the timing, how do I disable the PCM control of the timing?

    2002 Nissan Frontier XE 3.3 V6 2wd
    88801 miles

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    Hi ZimpTL,

    OK, after step 5 (and ignoring the self-diagnosis mode reference), turn off the engine and disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor (see illustration 4.2b in Chapter 6). Start the engine and check/adjust the ignition timing. Once you've done that, turn off the engine and reconnect the TPS. If a trouble code has been set during this process, clear it using a scan tool or code reader.

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