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Thread: Escort ZX2 A/C clutch circuit diagram

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    Default Escort ZX2 A/C clutch circuit diagram

    I have manual 6C1-36020 For Ford Escort 1991 -2000.
    I'm working on a 1999 ZX2.
    Where is the Escort ZX2 A/C clutch circuit diagram (schematic).

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    Hi Concord,

    Email one of our tech service reps at research@haynes.com. Give them your book number again and what you need, and they'll get you a diagram.

    The compressor clutch is powered through the Constant Control Relay Module, which is located in the left (driver's) side of the engine compartment, sort of near the front. The wiring diagram on page 12-52 shows the CCRM, but not the two wires leading to the compressor clutch. They are Red and Blue/White.

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