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Thread: Mis-printed Differential Oil Capacity

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    Default Mis-printed Differential Oil Capacity

    Mis-printed Differential Oil Capacity
    Haynes manual 2465
    Honda Forman and Rubicon ATV's

    After finding the the engine oil capacity was so far off in my manual, see http://forum.haynes.com/showthread.php?9855-Mis-printed-Oil-Capacity&highlight=capacity, I decided to check the differential oil capacities by calling two differerent Honda shops.

    The Haynes Honda Rubicon Manual 2465 says:
    Honda Rubicon 500cc
    Year 2001-2004:
    Front 6.0 oz.
    Rear 2.5 oz.

    Two different Honda Service Shops say:
    Honda Rubicon 500cc
    Year 2001-2004:
    Font 8.2 oz.
    Rear 3.0 oz.

    This is probabnly NOT as big of a deal as the engine oil capacity mis-print, but still could give someone some issues in the front differential.

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    Hello birdman,

    We'll look into these capacities also.

    Again, Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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