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Thread: Mis-printed Oil Capacity

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    Default Mis-printed Oil Capacity

    Haynes manual 2465
    Honda Forman and Rubicon ATV's

    This manual says the capacity after changing the oil filter should be 2.21 quarts. IT SHOULD SAY 5.2 QUARTS!

    I thought I had the wrong dip stick in this ATV until I finally talked to a Honda shop mechanic who told me it should hold at least 5.2 quarts when changing the oil filter.

    I have two Rubicon 500's, one is a 2001 and the other is a 2004, and both of them holds over 5 quarts of oil so would assume all the Rubiconís hold at least this much oil.

    This is a huge difference from only putting in 2.21 quarts per this manual. Even worse is if you run the motor/transmission with this volume for any amount of time. These Rubiconís are very sensitive to oil volume as the motor & transmission is a sealed unit using the same oil reservoir for lubrication.

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    Hello Birdman,

    Well, this certainly needs looking into. We do realize how important proper lubrication is. We are going to use our resources to look into this and get back with you.

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    Hello birdman,

    You are correct about the mis-print. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will correct our current edition of that manual.

    Here's what we found:

    2.21 quarts is the correct capacity for the Foreman, but not the Rubicon. The Rubicon oil capacity should be:

    2001-2004 5.2 quarts (4.9 liters) with oil and filter change
    2005 and 2006 4.9 quarts (4.6 liters) with oil and filter change

    Thanks again,

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