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Thread: maxima wheel noise

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    Question maxima wheel noise

    My 1992 Maxima has a noise in the front driver's side wheel. Brakes have no impact on this noise. It's more of a rudda-rudda type noise. I've suspected the tire, but the used tire shop says that it isn't the tire. Haynes focus: Manual 72020, page 205, #9-Driveaxles, general information and inspection. Car is automatic trans 3.0 V30E engine. Any suggestions on diagnosing? Money's tight, what else is new? Also note that accelating has no affect (other than faster rudda-rudda), and happens in neutral as well.

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    Hello Warfrog,

    Consider some of the information found in our troubleshooting section at the front of the manual. You might want to swap the suspect wheel to another position to confirm whether or not the tire is causing noise. Wheel bearings or driveaxles are certainly worth inspecting. Professtional diagnosis may be necessary.

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