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Thread: 02 F4i Honda CBR question

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    Default 02 F4i Honda CBR question

    Hey I have the just got the manual and began doing a lot of the basic maintenance that I should have been doing all along however I just ran into a problem. After adjusting the chain I took the bike out for a ride and it was fine for about 50 miles..then it began sputtering at the low idle speeds (b/t 3-5K), the bike would "jump" slightly even with constant pull on the throttle. Then the FI light comes on, the tach goes to zero and the throttle is unresponsive...the bike then kicks in and out until I pull the clutch which shuts the bike off. I can restart it fine, and ride it for about another 20 miinutes before this happpens again. Did I do something to the chain or alignment that is causing the bike to do this or is it a coincedence. The manual seems to point to a possible air filter blockage..which might be because I have never changed it out or washed it...Thanks for any help

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    Hello mission76,

    Seem like coincidence with regard to the failure and the chain adjustment. It seems that there is an intermittent electrical issue. Is it possible that an electrical circuit (wiring harness, etc.) was disturbed during some of the other maintainence that you have performed? Consider retracing your steps and checking all wiring and connectors.

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