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Thread: EGR control solenoid valve

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    Default EGR control solenoid valve

    nissan 84 2whl
    iam looking at illist. 14.23a
    iam not sure if this is what iam looking for E.G.R. control solinoid valve.
    the engine is idaling rough and the part on the engine that looks like this is broken at the top hose inlet.
    my problem is when i search on line the E.G.R. control solenoid valve they have (NAPA) dose not look any thing like what i need.
    the part is plastic three inlets for hoses and looks to be screwed on to the engine.
    question; what am i doin wrong? is this the part that i need and if so is there a part number i can referance??
    thank you for your time

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    Hi allman,

    It sounds like the part you're describing might be the thermal vacuum valve (since you said it looks like it screws into the engine). Check out illustration 5.40 in Chapter 6 to confirm that's the part you're looking at - the illustration in Chapter 4 that you referenced is for a fuel-injected V6 engine. The engine is idling rough because of the vacuum leak.

    As far as the illustration on the NAPA website looking different, many times a generic part will be shown. In other words, the same part will be shown for all brands when you do a search for your particular vehicle. If you can, you should remove the part from your truck and take it to the parts store and match it up to make sure you get the right one.

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