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Thread: Manual is lacking good detail information

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    Angry Manual is lacking good detail information

    Honda Accord manual 03-07 is lacking detail for replacing power steering pressure hose. I have removed the old hose, but cannot get the new one in place. Seems that that ps gearbox may have to be dropped. The only info in the manual is that there are 2 brackets holding the ps hose. It sure would be helpful to know the extent of a repair before starting. You would think that a 'repair' manual would be helpful in that way.

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    Hi Jed,

    I checked the Honda Accord factory service manual and two other professional-level information sources, and none of them indicated the need to drop the steering gear for replacement of the pressure hose. The fact that you were able to get the old one out supports this, too. Have you tried installing the hose going from the opposite end from which you removed it? I've had good results doing that on vehicles with a difficult hose routing.

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