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Thread: A/C not working!!! 2002 Saturn Vue

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    Default A/C not working!!! 2002 Saturn Vue

    I need help... my A/C is not working. I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 3.0 v6... I have trace it to the a/c clutch not engaging.. I Have ckecked fuses... ground...I find that im not getting any juice.. I am use my Haynes book..I think it might be the ECM...I would like to find where it is..Help me...any help would be greatly helpful

    Thanks Rock

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    Hi Rock,

    The Body Control Module and the ECM are both part of the circuit, but there's a relay, too, and a pressure switch. Check out the wiring diagram on pages 12-37 and 12-38 of your Haynes manual; that will help you understand the circuit better.

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