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Thread: spark plug wire/coil 2003 nissan maxima

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    Default spark plug wire/coil 2003 nissan maxima

    i am researching how to fix my husbands car for him while waiting for the manual to come in the mail.....we are trying to find replacement plug wires for our 2003 nissan maxima. we have had a cylindar missfire and changed the spark plugs while doing so found that one was full of oil between where he spark plug was screwed in and the wire connects. are the wires for this car a wire coil combination and what would cause the chamber to fill with oil it was only one out of the 6 to fill and what do we need to order part wise to reseal it i have had many different answers and so far none make sense....do you have a recommendation for a site to order the right parts for these problems....

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    Hello sacrey,

    It sounds as if you need to replace the spark plug tube seals that fit under the valve covers. Any auto parts supplier can assist you with these. You'll most likely need to replace the valve cover gaskets at the same time. You may want to wait for your manual to arrive before tackling this project.

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