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Thread: Changing headlight bulbs on a 2010 Mercury Milan

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    Default Changing headlight bulbs on a 2010 Mercury Milan

    I have tried going in from the top, front of the headlamps without success. I have tried going in through the wheel wells without success. I can't find a Haynes 201 Mercury Milan book to help me out either. It looks like the "easiest" way to get to them is by removing the shrouds in the wheel wells. However, I didn't go so far as taking off a bunch of things as I think there must be a better way to do this. Any ideas?

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    Hi willa150,

    We're just about to begin the writing stage of the Fusion/Milan manual, and we only have factory service information up to 2009. For that year, here are the techniques - yours might be the same:

    Left side: Remove the air intake duct for access to the back of the headlight housing. The bulb holder is under a cover on the back of the housing.
    Right side: Access is through the wheel well. The windshield washer filler tube might have to be unbolted and repositioned.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to buy the manual when it comes out!

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