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    I am going to replace an alternator on a 98 dodge grand caravan. In the section on removal and installation for the 3.3 v6, one of the first things required is to "remove the windshield wiper housing(refer to chapter 12)" In chapter 12 there is only info on testing and replacement of the wiper motor. In that process (to remove the wiper motot) you are to remove the cowl and are refered to chapter 11. The are not other references to "windshield wiper housing" in chapter 12. So I am thinking that maybe there is info on the "windshield wiper housing" removal in chapter 11. No such luck only how to remove the cowl. I do not want to waste the time taking off the wiper blades and cowl if I do not have to to remove the "windshield wiper housing".
    It appears the the "windshield wiper housing may be able to be removed without removing the cowl. Please give some direction as to how to proceed.

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    Hello mach007,

    Sorry about the confusion regarding this procedure. Unfortunately, removal of the the windshield wiper housing (or unit) is necessary to remove the alternator according to the factory service manual. Apparently there is not enough room to remove the alternator otherwise. On these models, the windshield wiper and motor are contained within a removable cowl that they call the windshield wiper housing.
    If you would like more detailed instructions on how to remove the cowl (aka windshield wiper housing), email one of our tech service reps at research@haynes.com, or call them at 1-800-442-9637. Give them the number/letter combination on the title page of the manual, just to the right of the Haynes logo; it looks something like this: (4JR - 36055). They'll do what they can to help.

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