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Thread: 98 mercury sable

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    Default 98 mercury sable

    I got a 98 mercury sable ls 3.0 DOHC. I ran into a problem with the ignition lock cylinder. I know that once it is replaced the ECM/PCM needs to be flashed. The bigger problem is that it feel like the lock cylinder is not making contact inside the steering colum. I tried to start the car and I heard a pop and the lock cylinder feels like it is spinning freely. What I really need to know is what is in the steering colum causing the lock cylinder not to work. The car will not turn over and the light will not go out. Need all the help I can get. Thanks

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    Hi SYKO730,
    The ignition switch and lock cylinder are two different components (See Sections 10 and 11 in Chapter 12). You'll need to remove them for inspection. There is a good chance that the problem will reveal itself then.

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