One day out of the blue while driving the truck just shut off after several attempts to turn it on it didnt untill several min later eventually it turned on and drove it back home one i shut it off it did not turn back on odometer read "NO BUS" had it towed to a shop to get the problem fixed $400 dollars later no problems found other then a bad PCM unfortunately the shop could not do it because the technician was not able to swap it out i then took my truck to another shop $1400 later and a new pcm the truck was running fine for all of 3 days had the crank sensor replaced and the same issue the only problem i see now is that when the truck shuts off i open the hood and while standing over the pcm the first plug on the left witch would be the first plug closest to the firewall if i press down on it slightly i can hear the relays on the driver side click and the truck can be restarted but the pcm will not keep any codes at all as to the failure. if any one has any info as to what causes this please help me!!!!!!!