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Thread: How to change brake fluid on a Honda NT650V X (1999)

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    Question How to change brake fluid on a Honda NT650V X (1999)

    Dear ,
    2 years ago I bought the excellent Haynes Manual 3242 covering Honda"s NTV and NT650V models . Page 7-16 explains how to change the brake fluid very clearly but my bike has a double disk on the front wheel .
    Should I bleed/change the fluid 1 caliper at a time or both simultanuously ? It is explained for the CBS-fitted Honda's but my model is a NT650V-X ( 1999) . This may be a silly question ( in poor English ) but I'm a Belgian and not a very good mecanic ...

    Thanks a lot beforehand ,


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    Hi Deauviller,

    You can bleed the calipers one at a time. Good luck with your project!

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