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Thread: 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

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    Default 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible


    I have had an issue with the battery light coming on with the last month and half. I went to start car the next morning and it clicked and wouldnt start. Jumped it with the other car and let it charge for about 20 or so mins.. Drove the sebring to walmart to test battery and alternator. The test showed the battery was fine and alternator had spikes in it. After charging the car for those 20 or so mins the light has not come on for about a month and half or so now...usually when I start the car in the morning and or if im at a store and come back out to start the car, it will stall after running for about a min maybe. Then start right back up with no problems.

    about a week and half a go I was leaving work and in the parking lot it stalled, and then started back up .. went to the next set of lights and took a left to go home, about 200 feet down the road the car stalled again and this time didnt start acted like it was flooded sort of. had the car towed to the garage down the road from me for $140. They put the OBD reader on the computer and it came up with a list of codes.... He said everything is pointing towards the computer but wanted a second opinion. I called Advanced auto and the guy there explained to me that if the alternator has the spikes in it , the computer is going to react and not send out correct voltage to the sensors etc resulting in alot of codes showing..... SO I dont know if its the computer or a simple alternator change... I want to run to the store to purchase the haynes manual but wanted to verify if the manual would show the wiring diagram for the ECU. on top of the ECU there is the two black boxes. if your looking at the side of the computer the box to the left there are 9 sets of wires ( in two rows ) .. The 9th one towards you is bare. Its showing wire.. Its a black coded wire with a brown stripe going down it... Im thinking / wondering if that could be causing alot of the problems although I dont know if that wire is a ground or not..

    Thanks for any information someone may have

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    Hi jburtt978,

    These vehicles have a sophisticated charging system. In our manual, we provide preliminary checks of the system but recommend further diagnosis by an authorized dealership. Regarding other electrical issues, anything that looks bad upon an initial visual inspection is usually a suspected fault, i.e. bad connections or bare wires, etc. Those items should be repaired right away.

    We usually augment our manuals with additional information from our technical research department if our wiring diagrams don't include certain systems. So if you purchase our manual and you don't find what you need in terms of wiring diagrams, you can contact us for further assistance. However, although our manuals can generally be quite helpful in many situations, they are not a substitute for a factory service manual and years of experience from a professional technician. Intermittent electrical failures coupled with a sophisticated system such as yours, it seems that professional assistance is necessary in your situation.

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