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Thread: 1990 jeep cherokee automatic transmission diagram

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    Default 1990 jeep cherokee automatic transmission diagram

    1990 jeep cherokee, straight 6, 4wd. automatic i need a diagram/illustration of the routing for the transmission cooling lines. there are 2 lines. 1 of them have a section of rubber hose/metal tubing. the other line is all metal tubing. i am replacing the rubber/metal one. i have a haynes manual for my vehicle but the manual fails to include sufficient information regarding my vehicles particulars. where can i find information that i am looking for?

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    Hi 0420morph,

    I checked the 1990 Jeep factory service manual and another professional information source, and unfortunately could not find an illustration that shows the routing of those lines. All I can say is that from my experience, those cooler lines are usually secured with clips alongside the engine oil pan, then branch out to the frame.

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