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Thread: 89 jetta no start.

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    Default 89 jetta no start.

    89 jetta wolfsburg 1.8L

    had to replce head gasket. car was sitting for a year with with engine head off. put new head gasket in it and put it all back together.

    as of right now the car wont start. it turns over and there is gas in the cyilinders.

    so my question is.....

    what is the friring order and the location of the number one plug on the distributer cape. and does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get it started.


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    Hello randy1,

    Refer to Chapter 1 for the firing order and #1 plug location on the distributor. If you refer to the troubleshooting section at the beginning of the manual, you'll find some suggestions on what to look for given your vehicle's condition. Keep it simple; fuel, fire, air and timing is what you need to check.
    Good luck with your repair.

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