Thanks for the help on the last reply, but still no spark, engine rotates, delivers fuel, but no voltage at coil.
In the manual for the coil wires on the diagram it states there is a Gy/Bk and a Bk/Gy coming from the coil.
The colors of my wires are Gr/Rd and Bk/Gy coming off the coil, and have never been replaced, factory wires , this really is
confusing. Diamond Epoxy coil.
There is continuity through all the connections up to the SBEC and ASD.
Have 12.5 volts at ASD and after it.
When I first turn on the key there is 12v then drops to .04v at coil and no voltage when cranking.
Should I try replacing the SBEC? and ASD anyway? I already put in a new coil, cap, and rotor.
Checked coil wire, 7000+ is ok. Photooptic sensor in distributor should trip the ASD if faulty??