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Thread: Confusion in Civic 01-04 Haynes Repair Manual

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    Default Confusion in Civic 01-04 Haynes Repair Manual


    I am confused with the instructions in the Civic 2001 thru 2004 Haynes Repair Manual, specifically in Chapter 6, Section 15 (Transmission Range Switch - replacement and adjustment).

    First, I want to point out that I'm trying to adjust the Trans. Range Switch. My confusion is that on step 6, it says: "Caution: While the transmission range switch is removed, do NOT rotate the control shaft on the transaxle." But then on step 7 it says: "Also make sure that the control shaft is in the Neutral position before installing the transmission range switch. To do so, rotate the control shaft in a clockwise direction until it stops. As you rotate the shaft it clicks into each gear position. Rotate it counterclockwise to the third position which is Neutral". I'd like to clear this up before trying anything because in one step it cautions me not to rotate the control shaft in the transaxle and on step 7 it says to rotate it to make sure it's in Neutral position.

    Thanks for your help in clearing this up.

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    Hello ptacc9,

    We’re sorry for the confusion in this section of the manual. Since the control shaft is already in the neutral position (based on Step 3), there is no concern unless it is moved. The caution is there because the control shaft should remain in the neutral position and not be moved when the sensor is not installed. Just leave the control shaft alone and follow the rest of the procedure; you should be able to complete the install successfully. We’re in the process of changing the text so that this section reads better. Thanks for your input. Best regards.

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