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Thread: timing specs

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    Default timing specs

    HELP PLEASE! Unfortunately I have no manual, started the repair, now stuck. I need the timing specs for a '96 Kia Sephia.

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    Hi vammj5,

    Hmmm, you really should have all of the tools and materials you need before starting a job. One of those tools is a Haynes manual. It shows how to set the timing on your Kia, and it isn't as simple as just knowing the "spec." There's a connector that must be jumped in order to set the base timing.

    The book you need is Haynes manual no. 54070. If you can't find one at your local auto parts store, you can order one from this website. If you need some extra help when you get the manual, we have no problem with that (that's why we have this forum), but we don't give information out for free.

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