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Thread: 1995 chevey geo prizm

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    this is strange have never needed 2 do this b 4 so here goes im having trouble with my 95 geo. when there is moisture in the air snow rain heavy dew or just dew period my prizm will not start. have put new wires on new distributor cap and router new plugs and i still have a problem. I have tried to go to auto zone to have them put a reader on the vehicle but they do not know where to hook up the thing for us to read the codes and I am wondering where and how to hook up the OBD II reader for this year and make and where it is. they have looked under the dash both sides under the hood by the strut column they cant find it i am wondering if they are just being weird about it or if they are being stuborn?? NOt sure why there is this problem but need some or any help you can give. my phone number is 920-765-1234 i am not at my home town staying in a different town and trying to get this taken care of!! My email address is jtmactools@hotmail.com and I will not be able to check that email untill monday of next week!! I am not stranded yet as the car now starts even though it is 20 below wind chills it is when there is any kind of moisture that the car does not start. I am hoping to find out what codes i can use to fix this problem by finding out where to hook up the coder on this year and model. any help you can find out and give me I would be greatly thankfull for. Right now i am at the librairy using a computer there so if you could call or send to my email it would help will not be back here untill next week. thanks for all and any help!! stranded not yet!!
    Jason McMiller

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    Hi Jason,

    Your car is a 1995; it is not an OBD-II model, so you're never going to find the 16-pin diagnostic connector! All you need is a jumper wire to bridge terminals TE1 and E1 of the test connector in the engine compartment. It is shown (and the procedure is given) in Haynes manual no. 92036, Chapter 6, Section 2. The trouble code list is there, too.

    Good luck!

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