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Thread: 87 300zx cv axle

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    Default 87 300zx cv axle

    i have a grinding noise driver side rear wheel,i changed the pads and rotors.the noise is worst at around 50 to 60 mph,noise goes away when u apply the brakes. can u help plz.

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    Hi trgzx,

    You should remove the wheel, brake caliper and disc, then inspect that area carefully. Obviously we can't diagnose problems from a remote location, but concentrate on the hub bearings. If they're worn-out and have some play in them, applying the brakes might quiet the noise down some. Unbolting the driveaxle from the stub axle flange (on the wheel side) will help; turn the flange that the wheel bolts to and see if it feels rough). And yes, also check the driveaxles while you're down there.

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