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Thread: cruise control grand marquis

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    Hi everyone and happy new year, this is my first post so i expect do it right... i have a 1992 grand marquis and the cruise control simply don't function, the horn function perfectly so i don't think it's the clockspring, and the brake lights also had no problems, i bought an actron scanner and shows a 536 code, on the page 6-9 of the manual says: brake on/off (boo) circuit failure/not activated during the kOER, but i don't know where to search, if there is a direct connection between the brake sensor and the ecm,and why the brake lights works perfectly, oh i forget, i open the cruise control motor and looks like new, so thank you for your help

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    Hi bond,

    Since you have a trouble code related to the brake light switch, I'd concentrate my efforts in that area. It could be a problem in the portion of the circuit related to the cruise control, not the brake lights.

    The cruise control system is fairly complex, and so is the diagnostic procedure. Since electrical components are generally non-returnable, you might want to have the system diagnosed by a professional, rather than trying the changing-components method.

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