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Thread: Toyota Carina E wiring diagram alternator incomplete

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    Default Toyota Carina E wiring diagram alternator incomplete

    My alternator has 2 cable trees outgoing, of which one is loose (and destryed due to wearing on asphalt).
    I'm trying to figure out to what these cables are connected / should be connnected.

    Checking Haynes 3256 manual "Toyota Carina E may 92-97 J to P petrol" I see on page 12-15 the alternator (3) with 3/E8 diagram connector. However, I cannot find 3/E8 connector anywhere else .
    I see a number of black arrows, however, on other pages.
    (Note: at the same time my heater blower only operates when the switch is set to max (#4); so maybe the loose cable connects to this?)

    As far as I can see, the diagrams list connections to the engine fusebox, to the passenger fusebox through the alternator warning light.

    Looking into the engine bay I see the alternator is connected to the timebelt, to the airco pump, and my loose cable.

    Could anyone help me out to what to connect my loose cable?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sytze,

    That manual was written for the U.K. market, so you'll have to get in touch with one of our tech service reps there, as we have no information on that vehicle here in the states. You can email them at tech@haynes.co.uk.

    Thanks for using Haynes manuals!

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