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Thread: '94 Ford Mustang 3.8L Fuel Injection Problems

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    Exclamation '94 Ford Mustang 3.8L Fuel Injection Problems

    I have used the manual to try to solve the problem of my Mustang's fuel injection problem. My dad bought this in May of this year, mint condition, nothing was really wrong, only that there was a "check engine" light. We checked the light and it showed that there was a problem with the camshaft sensor, but there were no physical problems going on with the car that needed attention so we ignored it knowing that we would replace the sensor when we could.
    On November 10th something went awry, the engine was stuttering and it was mistiming. There was a strong odor of gas and when the car drove it was rough.... On the day that I had to take my test to get my operator's license. It ran at least until I got in the car to drive home, then it didn't want to start, but with much persuasion from my dad; pumping the gas pedal while cranking, it worked.
    Then the day after the car just really didn't work at all. My brother's were on the call to solve the mystery and they figured out that the number 6 injector was being flooded with gas. So we figured we would replace that, well we did and it still didn't want to run right, it still flooded the injector and it was the same as before. We took back the injector knowing the old one would still work, as the ohms were fine, and we got new plug wires and plugs. The plug wires were the car manufacturer's original. The plugs really needed to be replaced, they reeked of old gas. The car STILL didn't run correctly and still smelled of gas, but there was a new problem, the injector was being overfilled so much of gas that the fuel was being sent elsewhere and it was pouring out of the head gasket. When we took the no. 6 plug out the fuel filled the other injectors up and still leaked. So we were told by Autozone workers that we should try to change the coil pack and my brother objected and said we should try fixing what caused the check engine light to be on in the first place. We bought the coil pack and the camshaft sensor AND a crankshaft sensor and my brother slowly put on all the parts and each part he put on he wanted to see if that was what started this mess... Well, he put all of it on and IT STILL DIDN'T WORK RIGHT.
    Now we are running into what the PCM has to do with all this, all of this is caused by what is making the injectors suck in a lot of gas, more than it needs, and placing it in the exhaust. We even encountered that the oil has a gas-like smell.
    Now I ask you to help me figure this out. It hurts to have such a pretty blue car that is your dream ride suddenly go downhill from it being in perfect condition to a struggling motor that can catch fire if fire hits the gas...

    If you want more details just tell me, sorry I wrote such a story but its the story of a teenage girl that just got her license to not be able to have the glory of using it...

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    Hi amhacker92,

    While it isn't possible for use to diagnose problems from a remote location, you should check the fuel pressure. If it's too high, you could be dealing with a bad fuel pressure regulator or a restricted return line.

    After replacing the parts that you described, did your brother clear the trouble code from the PCM's memory? A bad camshaft position sensor can cause fuel delivery problems, but the fact that you say the problem is isolated to the number 6 injector is strange.

    Just to clear things up a bit, the injectors don't suck in fuel; they are fed fuel by the fuel pump. The PCM actuates the injectors. A mechanical problem with an injector can cause it to spray too much or too little fuel. A problem with the PCM or one of the information sensors in the system can also cause the injectors to spray too much (or too little) fuel.

    Let us know what happens.

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