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Thread: misfire problem

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    Default misfire problem

    Does anyone know what could be causing a mis fire reading on a small computer like the one at Auto Zone. I have already changed the spark plugs and spark plug wires. I have also change the fuel filter.

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    Hi jjleco,

    Misfire problems can be tough to track down, but first you need to find out if the misfire code is isolated to one cylinder or if it is a random misfire code. Do any other codes accompany the misfire code?

    Obviously we can't diagnose driveability problems from a remote location, but Haynes manual no. 10206, OBD-II and Electronic Engine Management Systems can be a great tool for understanding the fuel/ignition/emissions control systems on a 1996 or newer vehicle (you didn't state what kind of car you have). For 1995 and earlier vehicles, manual no. 10205 would be the one to get. Also, you'll want the Haynes repair manual for your specific vehicle.

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