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Thread: '09 Silverado Door Locks

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    Default '09 Silverado Door Locks

    I'm wanting to add power door locks to a '09 base model Silverado, and I'm having trouble finding out if the locks use cables or rods. None of my local stores that carry Haynes have this manual in stock yet, so I can't figure out how to take the door panel off without damaging it. Anybody know the answer to my main question of what kind of lock system? Or how to get the panels off?

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    Hello crex149,

    Are you considering a retrofit of factory equipment or an aftermarket kit? An aftermarket kit, if one is available, may be easier. With regard to getting into the doors, you'll need a manual to point out where the fasteners are. The Haynes manual for your vehicle is now available. If you can't find it locally, you can order it from this website.

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