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Thread: '06 Silverado "service 4wd" indication

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    Default '06 Silverado "service 4wd" indication

    I am having some somewhat intermittent problems with my "service 4wd" message coming on and some strange happenings with my auto 4wd system on my 2006 Chevy Silverado. I have been getting the light on and off very infrequently for about 6 months now. It started after I plowed though some deep water during a dowpour in Louisianna. It only showed service 4wd for a couple days on and off and it shifted a little oddly but after that it was just fine. Yesterday it started back up to doing it again as we have had some snow melt and the roads are quite wet. This morning the truck started itself out in 4wd Low without my prompting and would not shift back. I shut the truck off for a couple minuetes and when I restarted it was back in 2wd mode. What gives??? HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Hello rminer,

    Our manual gives some general descriptions of the type of system that you have. One thing to consider is to check any electrical connectors that are exposed externally. It sounds like moisture is finding its way into your wiring connectors and affecting transmission/transfer case function.
    Good luck with your vehicle.

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