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Thread: Buying a second hand car........advice?

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    Default Buying a second hand car........advice?

    Hi Friends.

    Some nice fellow has recently plowed into the back of my car while i was waiting at a red light. His car was a nice big SUV. My car, while functioning perfectly, is now considered a writeoff which is quite irritating.

    As a result im starting to think about buying a new (well, second hand) car. I probably have a budget of 5g's which i know aint much, but yeah, quite poor atm. A mid 90s corolla is what comes to mind at the moment. The problem is, im not really experienced in this area as my last car was bought off a family friend.

    Any of you guys ever gone private? Used car dealerships? Other? Had any luck with private? What things have you done to ensure the car aint going to fall apart? Yeah pretty much screwed without a car so i need to get the ball rolling on this kinda soon. Any help is very much appreciated.
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    just be careful avoid 100,000 mile cars inless you can work on them just check the oil make sure it isn't milky like blown head gasket oil up doesnt smoke miss or sound like a piece of crap and shifts ok and doesn't overheat id consider it you can go to kbb.com and see what price a car should have so you don't pay to much
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    Oh man, do I have the best article for you.


    This article has a list of the best 10 used cars under $5000. There are even some Camaros, Mustangs, and Vettes included. I would definitely check it out as I really think it would help you decide.

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    Default Buying a second hand car & accessories.....

    If you want to buy a second hand car then you have to research about the availability of that car accessories i want to share something that i phase when i buy a car. I bought my car second hand and some of these things I've found in my research about this model Lantra some of those things are supposed to be standard, but my car doesn't have them.Thank You....

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    Where exactly would i get a second hand car? It should not be older that 3-4 years.
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    Cars less than three years old which have been driven 10,000 - 15,000 annually are probably the best buys. An average annual mileage is about 10,000, so for a 3 year old car mileage between 25,000 and 35,000 would be reasonable. Anything over this could have been used for business and driven hard.

    Small and medium saloons and hatchbacks are easier to maintain and repair than convertibles or luxury cars.


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    Don't worry if you follow these tips then I am sure you will find a good car in a small budget. \
    Contact the seller And when you do, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions…
    - how long have they had the car
    - why are they selling it
    - has it ever been damaged
    - what condition is it in
    - will it meet a RWC
    - does it have any `bad habits’

    Test drive the car
    - before you set off, turn the steering wheel from one lock to the other to make sure there is no screeching, banging, or knocking
    - to test the handbrake, pull it on and then try to drive off very gently. It should hold the car back
    - listen for strange noises from the engine, and don’t let the seller distract you by talking or turning up the radio
    - drive on as many different roads surfaces as possible
    - use all the gears, and check the gear change is slick and smooth
    - make sure the clutch pedal 'bites' between the top and middle of the pedal's travel

    I think its enough to buy a good car
    Best of Luck.

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