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Thread: Rocker arms for '97 4G64

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    Default Rocker arms for '97 4G64

    I have a '97 eclipse withe a SOHC 4G64 motor where the lash adjusters sit inside the rocker arm assembly. My question is regarding the importance of changing the rocker arm assembly as well as the lash adjuster. My lash adjusters are starting to tick REALLY bad and loud, and it's getting to the point of embarrassment. I have new lash adjusters but in the Haynes manual it states that the entire rocker arm assembly needs to be replaced if I were to proceed with this (at the very least, this is recommended). I have not come across a single rocker arm set as of yet for my vehicle and so I'm at the point that I am considering simply replacing the lash adjusters themselves, although your manual does state that this is not recommended I would like to know why this is so, especially since I continue to find that the rocker arm assemblies are sold separately from the lash adjusters.

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    Hi knightg,

    If you can get the lash adjusters separately, I think that would be the way to go (it would certainly be more economical). It could be that at the time the manual was written, they weren't available separately. I don't know.

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