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    Default Fuel Pressure Test

    On Page 4-4 of the Haynes Repair Manual for my 1989 2.5 Pontiac Grand Am LE, to do a fuel Pressure Test using a pressure gauge, it says that I need to remove the fuel line from the TBI unit and attach the gauge between the fuel feed line and the throttle body with a T fitting... Can you show me an illustration or direct me as to where I can detach the fuel line. Having trouble distinguishing the connection after taking off the air filter/cleaner section. Thankyou

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    Hi thomatk,

    Sure. There are two fuel lines connected to the TBI unit; and inlet (pressure) and return line. The inlet line is the one you'll be disconnecting. It's the one that is NOT right next to the Idle Air Control valve (the thing with the big hex drive and electrical connector on it. If you look at illustration 13.27, the inlet line fitting is the one on the far left.

    Hope this helps!

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