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Thread: Is there a manual?

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    Default Is there a manual?

    I'm looking for a service manual for a 1975 Volvo 164E, with D-Jetronic fuel injection. From looking at the Haynes catalogue, there appears to be a gap for the 1975 model year.

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    Hi 75 volvo 164e,

    We don't have a Haynes manual that covers your car, but we do have a Chilton manual that does. It's Chilton manual no. 72300 and it covers Volvo Coupes, Sedans and Wagons, 1970-1989 (and your 164 is listed in the model coverage). If you can't find one at an auto parts store (or bookstore) near you, call our order desk in Tennessee at 1-800-242-4637.


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