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Thread: 2002 kia spectra

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    Default 2002 kia spectra

    using more fuel than it should. any ideas?

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    Hi Brandye,

    That's a tough one. Is it using more fuel now than in the past, or just more than you think it should?

    The engine management system (the network of components that controls fuel delivery, ignition and emissions control systems) is monitored closely by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). If a component in the system goes out of whack, the PCM should detect the problem and register a diagnostic trouble code (and, in most cases, turn on the check engine light), because emissions output would also increase. That's the whole point of the federally mandated OBD-II system.

    Obviously, your tires should be properly inflated - for safety primarily, but also to get the best fuel mileage possible. If you have a bunch of heavy items in the trunk, that can contribute to more fuel consumption, too. Driving habits play a major role in fuel economy, as well. For more information on fuel economy, go to www.fueleconomy.com.

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