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    Default clatter

    my 99 chrysler 300m is clattering at the top of the engine and has oil.
    dont think it is circulating though. what could be causing this?

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    DJ Johnson,

    Consider checking your oil pressure. Refer to Chapter 2 in the part for "General engine overhaul procedures." Look for the section on Oil pressure check. Also, listen to the engine with a mechanic's stethoscope to try to isolate the area where the noise is coming from.

    Good luck with your project.

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    Default Same issue with '02 Blazer

    At start-up it clatters like there's no oil getting to 1 rocker. After a few minutes it stops.

    Once, I drove for about 5 minutes before it stopped. During that event, it clattered the whole time it was running, to stop clattering only after I shut down and restarted. What would shutting down do to make it stop upon restart?

    Doesn't do it all the time. The longer it sits without running (at least a couple of days) the better the chance it will do it.

    Oil level is good. Changed oil not long ago. Oil pressure good, although it did seem to fluctuate a tiny bit with the beat of the tapping.

    Any thoughts?

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