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Thread: 1992 buick park ave ultra power sterring

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    Default 1992 buick park ave ultra power sterring

    I am trying to remove and replace a power streering pump on a 1992 Buick park ave ultra. The power steering pump is impossible to move from up top. Has anyone done this job before? I am really having a hard time with removing the high pressure line. Any hints tips would be helpful. I have the pump off the block but cannot get it the pump moved from the car. HELP The manual from Haynes does not have a picture of the pump locaiton, or the parts that need to be removed to get the pump removed.

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    Hi bradgarner,

    The Haynes manual shows the pump mounting details on the non-supercharged engine. The Park Avenue Ultra has the supercharged engine, which the Haynes manual does not cover (that's indicated on the back cover). That's why the pump shown in Chapter 10 isn't mounted like the one on your car.

    I looked in the '92 Buick Park Avenue factory service manual anyway, though, and nothing was mentioned about the high pressure line. From my own experience, though, I know (as you now do) that they can sometimes be really difficult to disconnect. I've encountered pumps which required an extension and a flare-nut crow's foot type wrench to loosen/tighten. When installing the pump, be sure to start the threads of the fitting by hand before installing the pump mounting bolts.

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