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Thread: 911 haynes manual page 93

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    Default 911 haynes manual page 93

    You speak of a 70 porsche having need for a spacer and screw to screw into the threaded pins (3) on the circumfrance of the clutch plate. No mention of where you get these spacers and screws or whether you make them yourself. You are in good company as the other shop manual makes the same assertion but no direction on where you get the spacers and the screws, in fact that shop manual states you need a 6mm allen head bolt, however, no mention of the spacer. I suspect the spacer has an inner diameter that allows it to fit around the threaded pin, however just screwing in the 6mm will not pull the threaded pin towards the TOB allowing the clutch disck and plate to move away fromt he flywheel.

    Of coures, the car is now 40 years old and I suspect there are very few living mechanics that have had the joy of replacing a clutch on a 70 911s - recently

    Having mentioned the spacer and screw it would be nice to know more about where you get them and how you utilixe them.

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    Hi Robert,

    I'm thinking that it would be a whole lot easier (and cheaper) to make your own spacers than to try to track down a Porsche-specific tool for that application.

    I've never actually worked on an old 911, but it seems like you have a good understanding what the screws and spacers are supposed to do.

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

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