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    I'm trying to replace the evaporator core in my grand am and I'm having difficulty getting the cover off of the core unit. In my haynes manual it says it is possible to remove this cover without removing the instrument cluster.
    I took the front seats out, removed the center console, the floor panels, and got all of the screws out of the heater core housing, but when I try to pull the cover off it seems caught on the driver side. Is there another screw from the engine compartment not listed in the manual that I need to remove?
    Also, I know evaporator core replacement isn't covered in the manual but I'm assuming once I get the heater core out that I can remove the evaporator as well, right? The a/c system is completely discharged and the a/c fittings and hoses to the heater core have been disconnected.

    I would greatly appreciate any help. This thing has me at my wits end already.

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    Hi grandammattie,

    According to the factory service manual, there is a recessed screw in the center of the cover; that's holding the cover to the HVAC housing. If it's the entire HVAC housing you're removing, though, there IS a bolt on the engine compartment side, near the steering gear.

    Hope this helps.

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