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    hi, saab 93 2003 2.2tdi, car in limp home mode, engine management light on, how can i get rid of both problems without going to saab for tech 2.

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    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry, but we don't have a manual for your car, therefore we don't have any factory service information, either. We do have one for the Euro market - go to our UK website at www.haynes.co.uk to see if that manual would fit your needs (engine application).

    Bottom line, though, you'll have to find out what trouble code is stored in the computer, then go from there. You CAN pick up a generic OBD-II code reader or scan tool at most any auto parts store that will enable you to retrieve the code(s). Our Haynes Techbook "OBD-II and Electronic Engine Management Systems" manual no. 10206, would be very helpful in showing you how the engine management system works and how to go about diagnosing the problem.

    Good luck in getting that problem sorted out!

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