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Thread: 1988 GMC rear brake bleeder screw

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    Question 1988 GMC rear brake bleeder screw

    The rear brake bleader screw is to short to get a wrench on only a 1/4 inch drive socket will work but then i can't put the tube on it to bleed what can i use to open and close the valve with the bleeding tub connected. my email is [email]chadlafontaine@mac.com[/email] pease email me with an answer thanks

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    Hi Captain Chadl,

    Sorry but we dont have the bleeder screw information here at the MEssage Board. Please send an email including the Haynes manual number you are using and a description of your problem to [EMAIL="research@haynes.com"]research@haynes.com[/EMAIL] and they will help you out.

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