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Thread: Sway bar bushings

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    Default Sway bar bushings

    While replacing front rotors and brake pads on my 03 Grand Am I noticed that the bolts on the sway bar bushings do not like they are tight enough. How tight should they be? As of yesterday I have noticed a clunk sound when I turn the wheel coming from the front end, this started BEFORE I did the rotors, what could this be? Thanks

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    Default Most, If Not All Haynes Manuals..

    ..Have "torc settings" and specs dealing with this as well as many other issue you may face in the lifetime of your car or truck..

    If you do not have a Haynes manual, Check your local book store of auto parts supplier for the year, make and model of the manual you need.. or here is the direct link to your Haynes grand Am manual:

    http://www.haynes.com/products/?searchType=vehicleApplicationSearch2&searchEnd=ye s&sfID1=&sfID2=&sfID3=&year=2003&make=Pontiac&mode l=Grand+Am&x=17&y=9

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