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Thread: '03 GTP Water pump, Compressor Question

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    Question '03 GTP Water pump, Compressor Question


    I'm replacing my water pump on my '03 GTP. I have all the bolts except one on the bottom left of the water pump (13mm bolt). It's behind the compressor pulley wheel.

    I've read chapters 3-6 and 3-13 to 3-16 (just in case) and can't find my compressor mounting bolts. If I rotate the pulley wheel there are two bolts, one at 12 o'clock and one at 6 o'clock; are these the forward mounting bolts for the compressor? In the book there's a picture of a mounting bracket that is non-existent on my car.

    Also, where is the rear mounting bolt located? Again the book shows that it should be behind the oil filter on the bottom. Is it there or somewhere else and are there really only three?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Thumbs up Ok, I got it. No need to reply but if your doing this job read on...

    The pulley that was in the way was the power steering pulley. The book doesn't cover the '03 GTP setup well enough in this area. If you're replacing your water pump do it in this order:

    • Disconnect the battery.
    • Drain and remove the coolant from the engine and reservoir.
    • Unbolt fuse box and move it out of your way. Don't unplug anything.
    • Remove coolant reservoir.
    • Use a long handled breaker bar on the bolts holding the pulley's to the tensioners to relieve pressure on the belts.
    • Draw a quick diagram of the belt run and remove belts (supercharger and serpentine).
    • Bolted to the block, above the oil filter is the power steering pump. You have to go through the pulley holes on the pulley wheel to access the mounting bolts. Remove bolts, and move power steering pump to the left (towards the fire wall). Do not disconnect the hoses.
    • Loosen the passenger side top body support bolt on the front part of the passenger side strut housing.
    • Remove the two forward bolts holding the brace in place and swing brace so it rests on the inner fender housing above the battery.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Remove the pulley wheel off the water pump.
    • Remove any pulley wheels near the water pump assembly to give wrenches better swing room.
    • Inspect bearings and races in removed pulley wheels for cracks. If cracks are there you'll readily see them. If they're cracked toss 'em; new ones run between $17.00 and $21.00. Very much worth the money and what the hell, ya already found another problem, might as well fix it while your here.
    • Remove crappy water pump, clean block and either use provided felt gasket or make your own with favorite brand and color of gasket goop on the new water pump.
    • Make sure that everythings dry (No honey I haven't seen your favorite kitchen dish towel) and carefully align new water pump with block studs and gently but firmly hold in place and screw the four large housing bolts finger tight to the block.
    • Thread in the remaining four housing bolts finger tight. The book says to do a "star" pattern when tightening the bolts down. I don't know...that's what the book says...what I did was: Big bolts first, top-left then bottom-right. Bottom-left then top-right. I then snugged up the bottom small bolt just under the water pump pulley shaft and finished up the small bolts on the top tightening every other one (#1, #3 then #2, #4) starting at the back and moving towards the front of the block. NO LEAKS!!
    • Now put everything back on in reverse (power steering pump, pulley wheels, belts, battery, coolant reservoir, fuse box and frame support).

    Don't forget to replenish your antifreeze and bleed the system from the thermostat bleed valve. When purging the system of air also remember to have your heat on 'HIGH' to allow full system circulation.

    Whole job took me 5 hours with lunch and a few smoke breaks. The only must have (I feel) is the breaker bar. I started using my large ratchet and needed more leverage on the tensioners to get the belts off.
    "One foot on the break and one on the gas...."

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