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Thread: Air coming on while the car is not on.

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    Default Air coming on while the car is not on.

    I got into my car this afternoon, and the air came on before I even had my keys out of my purse. It ran (fairly cold, but really strong) for a good 3 minutes before my sister fiddled with the dials enough to kick it off.

    My dad did a visual inspection, but came to the conclusion it is a short somewhere.

    Anyone have any experience with this type of issue? Any suggestions would be awesome

    My car is a 2006 Pontiac G6 (4 door, 35k miles).

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi KathrinIgnelzi,

    That's an interesting problem. I would guess the problem is with the HVAC control module or circuit. Believe it or not, the heating and A/C systems are now controlled through a sort of computer.

    Since the vehicle is a 2006 with 35,000 miles, do you still have warranty remaining? If so, it's probably best to bring it to the dealer and let them handle it.

    Thank you for your interest in Haynes manuals!

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