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Thread: '66 mustang

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    Default '66 mustang

    straight 6, got me where i needed to go and was good on gas, i wish i had it now.

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    Default 66 mustang

    i worked for ford in 65,66,67 and we built a lot of mustangs. i worked in the milpitas california plant. we workrd a 10 hour day and produced 650 cars per day . we also worked every saturday 8 hours . my wife and i bought a 66 mustang and drove it across country a few times . it had a 200c.i. 6 with a 3 speed stick . the tpo speed was 106 . i couldnt get it any faster. we sold it years later. i have sence bought and sold and restored 4 mustangs. i just bought my 5th last month. great car easy to restore and new and old parts are every where . go buy one . jim

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