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Thread: Timing cover for 68035 2003 galant

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    Default Timing cover for 68035 2003 galant

    This is regarding manual 68035 on page 2A-14. Diagram 7.68b has one extra "c" bolt directly above the crankshaft (that's not a problem or is easy to fix). The car then has one extra long bolt and one fewer short bolt compared to what the diagram tells me. I don't want to pop a hole in my engine so I'm not up to guessing . The bolts I'm referring to are the "A" and "B" bolts that are 18 and 25mm respectively. The manual asks for 5 A's and 2 B's but the car has 4 A's and 3 B's. Please let me know if there is an update or if you can tell me which A is supposed to be a B. Thanks.

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    Hi whitecycle,

    Mitsubishi didn't furnish that information after model year 1998 (I checked the factory service manuals). So, if the bolt lengths on your engine don't match the ones in illustration 7.68b, you'll have to juggle them around to see where they fit properly. When inserting the bolts into the holes (before starting the threads) they should all go in a fairly equal amount. If however, when tightening the bolts you encounter one that gets tight before it contacts the cover, you know it's in the wrong hole.

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